lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Unit 1.1 Art basics

Key concepts: values of art, culture, definition

 This is the beginning of our trip into the world of art. It is important to recognize the main carachteristics, purposes and reasons of humans to create the this things. This is the way we are going to evaluate the activities.

Unit 1.1 Art Basics. Slide share presentation
Exam                  40
Workshop            20
Project                10
Homework            15
Class work           15
Period's average   50
Exam                  40
Final multidisciplinary project 10


After considering the art´s definition, purposes and reasons studied in class, look at the following video and set your arguments to be on Sue Sheridan´s side or against her explaining if you consider her work as artistical or not. Publish your postss here

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