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Unit 1.2. Elements and principles of art

Key concepts: elements and principles, color, form

Basically, art history is focused on the visual arts: architecture, painting, sculpture and techniques as: collage, stained-glass, mosaics, pottery, between others. To understand the qualities of an object it is important to recognize the elements contained in a piece and the principles that the artist could follow to organize those elements.
  • Line
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Balance   
  • Gradation 
  • Movement 
  • Proportion 
  • Rythm
It is also important to know that we have to be able to recognize in a work art the content: this is what this art piece represents. "The content may comprise the social, political, religious, and economic CONTEXTS in which a work was created, the INTENTION of the artist, the RECEPTION of the work by the audience, and ultimately the meanings of the work to both artist and audience. Art historians applying different methods of INTERPRETATION often arrive at different conclusions regarding the content of a work of art." (Stokstad, M., 2007, p.xxviii)
Style is considered as the combination of form and composition (elements and principles) that makes a work distinctive. According to Stokstad (2007) the most commonly used terms to discuss artistic styles include:
  • Period style. Referes to the carachteristics that distinguish a particular historical era.
  • Regional style. Refers to stylistic traits that persist in a geographic region.
  • Representational styles: are those that create recognizable subject matter. Realism, naturalism, abstract, linear and painterly are kind of representational styles.  
    • Realism and naturalism: describe the artist´s attempt to describe the observable world. Realism tries to be really accurate while naturalism implies a part of subject matter.
    • Abstract: The artist starts from a realistic or natural objects and simplifies it capturing the essence of a form.
    • Linear: in this style the artists uses line as the primary means of definition and modeling (creating of a 3D illusion).
    • Painterly: describes a style of painting in which vigorous, evident brushstrokes dominate and shadows and highlights are brushed freely.
Unit 1.2. Methodology. Presentation

Lecture: Arguing Art

Stokstad, M (2007) Art, a brief history. New Jersey: Pearson Education 

After looking at both videos and reading the information, please add your post, talking about which elements and principles you consider as more relevant to create a masterpiece, and which ones you think will be less important than the others.

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  1. for me everything is very important to create a masterpiece like the space, the colors or the light for me the balance from the colors is very important because with this you can make that your masterpiece look good or maybe look different than others ,everything is very important because you nedd to use them to create your own masterpiece.

    1. Perfect Xime. You've got your three posts and with excellent contributions.

  2. For me the most important things on a painting is the color because without the color the author cant give to the people his feelings and the other important thing is the technique the texture if is axial lineal or something like that and the size of the painting is not important because the size dont say anything and the color texture said all in the painting

    1. Ok Raul you have your three posts, but let me ask you something, what happens with the painting I've showed you? The Black canvas or there even is a White canvas, these are out of color. Thus, these are not paintings?

  3. For me the most important thing in a painting is the colors that the painter used to express their feelings and also the technique because thats the ways that the painter things to express him in a healthy way and the less important I think that is the shape because it doesn't matter that is too big or too small because the thing that is important is the picture and the beauty of charm that the painter is the one that count.

    1. Very good Daniel. You are doing an excellent job in class also! Your three posts are done!

  4. For me he most important thing at painting is the creativity because without it you can't do anything, with the creativity you can find new ways to express yourself, your feelings and give some message to the public.
    Depending on the type of audience you want to have or the message you want to give you should use different techniques and content.
    Also by the type of technique you can know about what year is the paint.
    You can use different colors, you can paint on paper or canvas, you can use oleo, acuerela, pasteles, you can use whatever you want.

  5. i think that the most important thing in a painting are the feelings that the author put in it because when you watch the painting you can also imagine what the author was felling in the moment he was doing the painting, the painting also have to has sense of something or has to make people stop and think about the painting, like the shit can.

  6. I think that everything is important to make a masterpiece. Depending on what you want to express, would be the colors,lines etc that you would use. Also is important if you want to show any message or just make something that makes you feel something. The important thing is that you have to make your own masterpiece with your creativity.

    Ma de Lourdes Meixueiro

  7. For me, the thing, more important to do a master pice, is thhe color, because, if a painting doesnt have color,¨the masterpice, will not be atractive to the watch, adn I think the the tink that is less relevant, is the relief, because, well, I thing that the master pice, is made to look, not to touch.
    Valeria Ortega Silva

  8. I think that all is important in a painting because everything make the painting looks grate, like when you add balance, also when you graduate it, the movement is important because it give an effect, also the proportion and rythim the artist gave to the paiting. all is importan so the paint can look great and you can do an excelent masterpiece